Importance of STD Testing

According to the Centers for Disease Control, individuals aged 15-24 make up a quarter of the sexually active population, and this group accounts for half of the sexually transmitted diseases that arise annually. No matter your age, there are many reasons why STD testing is vitally important.

Importance of STD Testing

The Importance of Getting Tested

Getting tested for STDs is critical to your health. It’s just as important as going to routine wellness checkups and dentist appointments; everyone deserves to have a safe, healthy sex life, and getting tested is a key component of that.

Getting Tested for STDs Is Easy

If you have been putting off testing out of fear of needles, there’s no need to worry. Most tests only require a simple mouth swab or urine sample. Results can usually be obtained within twenty minutes.

Most STDs Are Treatable or Curable

Most well checks don’t test for STDs, so it’s important to schedule a test. The sooner you know, the sooner you can get treated if you do happen to have a sexually transmitted infection. These infections are often easier to treat in their earlier stages.

You Will Feel Better

If you have been suffering from physical symptoms, anxiety about STDs, or both, getting tested is the only way to get you on the path to recovery. Once your doctor diagnoses you, you will be able to start a treatment plan to feel better. Many people are often relieved once they find out what’s wrong.

Not Everyone Has Symptoms

This is incredibly important; just because you don’t have any symptoms, it doesn’t mean you don’t have an STD. Did you know that approximately 90 percent of people with chlamydia don’t experience symptoms? For those with HIV, it can take up to ten years for symptoms to arise. Do yourself and your partners a favor; set up an appointment with us and get STD testing as soon as possible.