Depression Screening

depression screeningConnections Primary Care offers comprehensive depression screening.  According to the World Health Organization, depression is a common, but serious, mood disorder.  Recent statistics indicate that 7% of all U.S. adults have experienced at least one depressive episode.  Early intervention is critical to the successful treatment of depression.  Sometimes, the last person to see depression is the individual experiencing it.  Our screening process is designed to uncover depressive symptoms in order to begin treatment and clear the path to recovery.

What to Expect:

Depression screening is conducted verbally.  Though routine lab tests may be undertaken as part of an overall physical exam, when warranted, simply talking through your specific symptoms has been proven to be the best approach to uncovering mood disorders.  During your visit, the provider will cover a series of standard questions with you.  It is important that you answer honestly with thoughtful reflection.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Following the discussion, together you and the provider will determine the best approach for treatment.

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