About Us

Timely Scheduling

Because we know that timely care leads to better health, providers at Connections Primary Care strive to see our patients the same day they request service. In the event this is not possible, we will schedule an appointment with you as soon as we are able.

Gold Standard of Care

Our Board-Certified Physicians and Nurse Practitioners rely on years of experience combined with knowledge of current healthcare evidence to work alongside our patients to develop care plans that meet your unique needs and health-related goals. Our services are delivered using best practice treatment modalities to enable us to deliver outstanding care that leads to excellent outcomes.

Accurate and Secure Documentation

Connections Primary Care uses state of the art electronic medical documentation software to maintain health records, MDS, and ICD-10 compliant diagnoses in a secure cloud-based platform.

Our Mission:

CONNECT you to meaningful, health improving solutions which promote positive change for your overall wellness – without a catch.

Provide CONVENIENT care that is cost-effective, accessible, and holistically enriching — without compromise.

Provide a team with dynamic COMPETENCY to serve the unique needs of every individual calling upon us for help – without taking any shortcuts.

CHALLENGE you to realize your goals while providing unyielding support to you as you grow, heal, and achieve your wellness — without losing our passion.

Enrich our COMMUNITY by giving back a portion of our profits to local non-profit organizations serving the same cause — without expecting anything in return.

Be a CATALYST for positive change in the lives of those we serve, and the community of which we live — without having a hidden agenda.

CELEBRATE the success of everyone achieving their wellness — without losing sight of all those still in need.

Our Vision:

Our team is dedicated to providing everyone we service with life-enriching care that CONNECTS them to long-term wellness.

Our business model is focused on fostering professional partnerships built on consistent quality outcomes that patients can grow to trust while building lasting CONNECTIONS.

Our employees are unified in providing our community an ally in the endeavor of eliminating barriers to care, silencing stigma surrounding wellness, and supporting local non-profit organizations CONNECTING populations in need to meaningful care.